Why TDO Therapy Shoes?

TDO Therapy Footwear provides comfort and protection for your feet. Our products comply with international medical standards and are based on recommendations from doctors, podiatrists, pedorthists, and orthotists.

Our shoes are designed to protect the feet and prevent orthopedic problems from developing. They enhance the quality of your everyday life. TDO Therapy footwear can be called diabetic shoes, thanks to their protective and rehabilitative properties. The purpose of TDO Therapy diabetic footwear is to avoid the presentation of symptoms that may occur as a result of diabetic foot syndrome.

All our products are handmade by experienced craftsmen using traditional skills and the finest raw materials so that we achieve the very best quality. Our patented triple-layer technology provides the ultimate in protection.

Physiological Characteristics

  • Our patented triple-layered shoe-upper footwear is manufactured from soft, top-quality calf leather, both inside and out. The central layer is comosed of nano-technological anti-bacterial foam.

  • Our shoes conform to the shape of the foot with soft, flexible natural Nappa leather.

  • Pigment-free leather lining, thanks to a special foam, prevents and rehabilitates calluses and plantar fasciopathy.

  • Equal pressure distribution on the sole prevents foot aches, thanks to the suspension characteristics.

  • Compatible with special insoles and arch supports for personalized comfort.

  • Adapts to physiological changes like swelling and edema of the feet during the day.

  • Regulates foot temperature for optimal comfort.

  • Ventilation holes prevents the development of bacteria, ensuring foot hygiene.