About Us

TDO Therapy is the manufacturer committed to improving the quality of life through therapeutic, diabetic, and orthopaedic footwear solutions. Our name reflects our mission to offer full support for active movement and foot health. TDO Therapy shoes, holding CE and Utility Model certificates, combine superior quality, advanced technology, and craftsmanship, providing a diverse range of styles suitable for all foot shapes. Our designs adhere to industry-standard podiatric-pedorthist practices and align with respected international medical guidelines from authorities such as CDC and Medicare.

Our Company

TDO Therapy is the trademark of Artı Medikal Medical Limited. Established in 2005 after extensive research and development efforts, our company started production in Istanbul Turkey and has since become a pioneer in innovations.

The TDO Therapy brand, derived from its initials, represents footwear, boots, slippers, sandals, insoles, and socks with Therapeutic-Diabetic-Orthopedic features. These products are produced in accordance with the standards approved by international medical authorities.

TDO Therapy-branded items carry protective features. The goal is to prevent the development of foot symptoms, extend the lifespan of problematic feet, prevent the development of various orthopedic foot problems, and provide THERAPY to tired and painful feet.

Our company caters to both international and domestic markets from our production site in Istanbul, Turkey. As of 2021, we have expanded our reach with an office in Hampshire UK dedicated to distribution and fittings, serving clients across the UK and Ireland. Through our strategic presence, we actively engage in trade fairs and targeted advertising efforts, guided by our motto "Rahat Senin!" (Comfort is Yours!), enhancing our global visibility.

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Our Production

Our experienced craftsmen meticulously handcraft every pair of shoes, utilizing traditional techniques and the finest raw materials.